Triple-T BBQ

Create a brand that stands out in a crowded, cliché-ridden category

Solution: Logo, packaging design and copy that conveys craftsmanship and builds on the emotional connection between food, family and friends

Result: Triple T launched to rave reviews from consumers and has become the “secret sauce” of numerous storied restaurants

When Triple-T’s founder came to us with a brand identity and label design that didn’t tell his story, we knew we could help. A classically trained chef from Napa by way of Texas, his product was compelling – a hand crafted, small-batch sauce rich with spices and deep with flavor.

Our inspiration, however, was his vision. Inspired by memories of long afternoons “talking’ about nuthin’, but figurin’ out everything,” Triple-T is all about what great food should represent: a panacea for a world that moves too fast. We understood his brand was, above all, about quality – of relationships, of experiences, of tastes and adventures.

Our goal was to capture his story through a brand identity and packaging inspired by historical and traditional motifs of craftsmanship – the founder’s family crest, woodcut animal illustrations and letterpress-style wood type. The end result is a brand built around the notion that quality is achieved through time and human effort.

Along with the Triple-T brand identity, we created packaging and copy for:

St. Louis Style Sauce: A spicy, mustard-y sauce that tastes like chicken alright – the best darn chicken you’ve ever had.
Texas Style Sauce: A traditional Texas recipe for beef that kicks your taste buds with tangy vinegar and spicy black pepper.
Memphis Style Sauce: A spicy, triple-pepper sauce for pork that kicks bland to the curb. (It’s great on chicken too, just don’t tell the pig.)

The result was a strong foundation for a brand with a unique point of view – and customers and restaurants are taking “Cook it on Low, Eat it Slow” to heart (and stomach).