Reserve Life Organics

Create a new brand identity and packaging that would stake out a unique market position, generate international demand and drive sales

Solution: Design that reflects the company’s heritage and mission and conveys its commitment to organic and natural sources that deliver “beauty from within”

Result: The company quickly became a market leader and today has five distinct brands, more than 100 SKUs, international distribution and has achieved exponential growth

Reserve Life Organics’ founder and CEO came to us with a distinct brand idea and packaging concept that wasn’t “quite there” – along with a rapidly approaching deadline. Working side-by-side, we learned more about her vision for her brand and her company, her influences, the potential market for the product and the competition. Just 1 month later, we helped launch the company’s first four anti-aging supplements in The Vitamin Shoppe. We continue to handle nearly all creative and branding tasks, from brand materials and guidelines to new brand packaging and exhibit graphics. In the four years since then, we’ve:

  • Designed more than 20 extensions of the original Reserveage product line;
  • Developed Resvitale, a private-label brand for GNC;
  • Launched CocoaWell, a line of cocoa-based supplements;
  • Developed the ReBody brand of scientifically advanced weight loss supplements; and
  • Created Fembody Nutrition, premium supplements for women.

The company has achieved overwhelming success, generating international distribution for its products and more than doubling sales and revenues each year since its founding in 2009.

The healthy truth? Transforming a founder’s vision into a true success story is why we’re in business.